Water treatment specialists

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ECOSYSTEMS’ story began in the 1980s, when two brothers decided to create a laboratory in Rome, in the center of Italy. In 1989, they started designing a specific range of products and services in the field of water treatment (including filters, analysis and maintenance) suitable and addressed to companies located in the industrial area of the Capital. Ten years after Carlo, the entrepreneur of the family, expanded this fledgling local activity into a national enterprise by creating the “Plant Division” to design, build, operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants. Since 2007, thanks to a change in management and new resources investments, the company has become one of the major national players in the field of water treatment. To carry out the activities related to new contracts, the company developed a new operational headquarter provided of innovative and finest machines and equipment to work for the best. In 2014, we celebrated our 25th anniversary opening a subsidiary in Morocco, as new input to expansion in EMEA markets.


Be a highly effective and fast-moving company, working as a reference provider of solutions in water treatment systems and management in the EMEA markets.


ECOSYSTEMS is committed to environmental sustainability, providing effective water and wastewater management and treatment systems, meeting the ever growing demand for water and preserving, as well as respecting, the environment.



Every employee is customer satisfaction driven. The relations with our clients are strong and enduring because we are a reliable professional partner; we recognize our  clients’ needs and we offer them the best options providing value-added products and services. We are able to set in motion, in a very short time, our internal procedures in order to give swift and effective solutions. At the same time, we give regular updates on work progress supporting our clients throughout our operational activities, respecting the highest standards of customer service because we believe that when you will be completely satisfied, we will have reached our objective.


Our aim is to deliver quality products and services to maintain high performance in all our business undertakings. To do that we constantly search for the finest materials and equipment which ensure that our final product preserves its characteristics over the years. Besides we monitor, evaluate and careful plan our activities, following a quality system which includes a constant upgrade of our internal requirements and guidelines, within a framework of customer satisfaction, uncompromised ethic and environmental consciousness.


The continuous searching for the best professionals to join our company has enabled ECOSYSTEMS to lead in this sector. Our passioned team composed by senior and junior engineers, equipment and automation specialists, environmental investigations experts, chemists and biologists is constantly involved in an internal department of Research and Development which is driven by innovative studies and shaped by clients’ new necessities. This means that employees, at all level, constantly improve their know hows and, as a consequence, the company’s expertise. Researchers have studied new technologies to implement our products and services while engineers and technicians have obtained various training and certifications through accredited and awarding bodies. This contribution and spirit of participation add that extra mile that allows ECOSYSTEMS stand out from its competitors.


ECOSYSTEMS regards the health and well-being of its people as a foremost concern that is never compromised; that is why our company provides, for examples, extensive training to employees working on construction sites in order to recognize and minimize potential risks associated with the nature of their work. Our company is also environmentally conscious focusing our business strategies to minimize the negative environmental effects of any process or procedure undertaken. Our reducing waste policy, by recycling where possible and caring about an efficient use of water and energy, allows us to improve continuously our environmental-friendly performances. ECOSYSTEMS holds numerous international health and safety certifications.